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Cooking For Christmas

This course will provide all the culinary inspiration you need to make a delicious and impressive holiday meal.

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Course Details

Tutorials in this course: 20
Total viewing time: 2 hours
Total course time (including prep and cooking): 175 hours*

* This unusually long total course time is due to the time necessary for brining and marinating, as required by some recipes.

Nothing embodies the magic of the holidays better than a home-cooked meal enjoyed with family and friends. Christmas dinner is an event that encourages taking time to sit down, indulge, and appreciate the seasonal sentiment of gratitude and togetherness. While there is no prescription for a perfect holiday menu, the best ones celebrate the bounty of the season with cozy, comforting dishes that are made to share.

This course offers an assortment of crowd-pleasing, festive recipes, updated for a modern palate. Learn how to make a rich, spice-scented eggnog from scratch, homey vegetable sides, elegant meat dishes, and nuanced desserts. From pre-dinner drinks to post-dinner treats, these tutorials will help you prepare a special meal to share with the people who matter most.

Chef Instructors

Chef Christian Page

Chef Christian Page is the executive chef at Short Order in Los Angeles. His innovative and ingredient-driven approach towards cooking provides diners with carefully crafted and uniquely delicious meals.

Chef Jason Stude

Jason Stude is the chef de cuisine at Second Bar + Kitchen in Austin, Texas. His ingredient-driven, detail-oriented menus have gained him respect and recognition throughout the culinary world. Jason has appeared on Food Network's "Chopped", and "Iron Chef America".

Chef Taylor Boudreaux

Chef Taylor Bourdeaux is the executive chef of Napa Valley Grille in Los Angeles. Chef Taylor is known for his unique attention to the seasonality of his ingredients, as well his years as a corporate executive chef for Wolfgang Puck.

Chef Jason Fullilove

Chef Jason Fullilove is currently the chef and owner of Ethereal Plate, and formerly the executive chef of Malibu Pier Restaurant & Bar in Malibu, California. Chef Jason specializes in fresh and innovative New American cuisine, placing an emphasis on sustainability through locally-sourced ingredients.

Chef Roman Murphy

Roman Murphy is the executive chef at Austin eatery, Bess Bistro. His ability to create dishes that are sophisticated and uniquely his own has recently landed him recognition by Zagat on their Austin’s 30 under 30 list.

Chef Harold Marmulstein

Harold Marmulstein is the executive chef and partner at American gastropub, Salty Sow. At Salty Sow Chef Harold serves up southern inspired cuisine at the restaurant's Austin, Phoenix, and Scottsdale locations. Chef Harold has worked as an executive chef for 30 years. He has been awarded "Who's Who of Chefs in America" and his restaurants have been voted "Best New Restaurants."

Chef Corina Weibel

Corina Weibel is the chef and co-owner of Canelé, a French-American bistro in Southern California. At Canelé, Corina crafts Mediterranean-inspired comfort cuisine, lauded by Bon Appetite Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Zagat, Eater, and many other online publications.

Chef Steve Samson

Chef Steve Samson opened Sotto in Los Angeles with partners Zach Pollack, Bill Chait, and his wife, Dina Samson. Sotto achieved immediate acclaim, being named one of Esquire Magazine's “Best New Restaurants in America” and Los Angeles Magazine's #1 “Best New Restaurant".

Chef Eric Buss

Eric Buss is a the executive chef at Hollywood’s trendy Wood & Vine restaurant, beloved for their mouth-watering fried chicken and waffles.

Chef Kevin Meehan

Kevin Meehan is the executive chef and brains behind Kali Dining, an underground, pop-up, gourmet dinner party hosted in Los Angeles. Venues vary, as does the menu, so diners can always expect a surprise. Kali Dining has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, and Eater LA, and has grabbed the attention of LA foodies.

Chef Brynn Smith

Brynn Smith is the bar director at Sotto in Los Angeles. She is also the creative force behind Bartending Pretty, a website where she shares original recipes and professional tips and tricks for cocktail masters-in-the-making.

Chef Olivia O'Neal

Olivia O’neal is the owner of Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop in Austin, Texas, where she produces sweets made with high-quality and responsibly sourced ingredients. She was recently named one of Austin’s “Influential Foodies Under 35” by Austin Gastronomist.

Chef Alex Diestra

Chef Alex was formally trained at the Western Culinary Institute in Portland and has worked in the kitchen at popular Asian Fusion restaurant, Saucebox for several years. He worked closely with chefs Gregory Gourdet and Jason Neroni before rising to Executive Chef in 2011.

Chef Brian Floyd

Brian Floyd is a bartender at Weather Up, a craft cocktail bar in Austin that has been named one of the "10 Best Bars in Austin" by Culture Map.

Chef Richard Capizzi

Chef Roberto Capizzi is the pastry chef of Lincoln Ristorante in New York City. Chef Richard is an expert in everything sweet, constantly creating elaborate recipes for chocolates, candies, cakes, and many other delicious desserts. Chef Richard’s talents were recognized in 2003 when he took home the title for Pastry Chef of the Year at the 14th Annual U.S. Pastry Competition in New York City.

Chef Coco Kislinger

Coco Kislinger is the tour de force behind Coco Bakes, a Los Angeles-based bakery specializing in vegan and gluten free goods. Coco Bakes has been lauded by Food & Wine, Elle, Zagat, Refinery 29, Goop, Huffington Post, Vice, and many others.

What You Need


- Chef's knife
- Serrated knife
- Cutting board
- Sauté pan
- Cast iron skillet 
- Saucepan
- Sheet pan
- Baking sheet
- Large roasting pan
- Mixing bowls
- Tongs 
- Whisk
- Rubber spatula 
- Microplane
- Ladle
- Slotted spoon
- Spoon
- Strainer
- Mandolin slicer 
- Scissors
- Peeler
- Pastry brush 
- Pastry bicycle or ruler
- Rolling pin
- Plastic wrap 
- Aluminum foil
- Wax paper
- Kitchen towel 
- Kitchen twine
- Toothpicks
- Ring mold (optional)
- Rubber gloves (optional)
- Thermometer (optional) 
- Tall glass 
- Bar spoon
- Jigger 
- Cocktail shaker 
- Chilled cocktail glass 
- Julep strainer 
- Hawthorne strainer 
- Crème brûlée ramekins
- Kitchen torch
- Stand mixer


- Ingredients are listed within each respective tutorial 


Traditional Eggnog

Christian Page

This rich and aromatic holiday drink is sure to liven up any celebration.

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Texas-Style Candied Pecans

Jason Stude

Sweet, crispy, and nutty, these candied pecans are perfect for topping salads, pastries, or desserts.

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Traditional Maryland Crab Cake

Taylor Boudreaux

This seafood staple is made from fresh ingredients and garnished beautifully.

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Braised Greens with Bacon and Caramelized Onions

Jason Fullilove

This take on braised greens incorporates bacon and caramelized onions, resulting in rich, layered flavor.

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An Overview of Haricots Verts French Green Beans

Roman Murphy

Transform this delicate and versatile vegetable into an attention-grabbing side dish with just a few basic ingredients and cooking methods.

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Pommes Anna French Gratin Potato Cake

Corina Weibel

Tender potato slices are layered with sweet butter to make a traditional, rustic French dish.

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Rigatoni with Chicken Liver Ragù

Steve Samson

This sophisticated pasta dish is composed of many layers of hearty flavor.

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Slow-Cooked Beef Shoulder

Harold Marmulstein

Slow-cooking beef shoulder results in tender meat, perfect for sandwiches or dinner parties.

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Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder

Eric Buss

This crisp and juicy pork shoulder is a great entrée, sure to impress your friends.

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Panko Herb-Crusted Lamb Chops

Roman Murphy

Delicate lamb meat is emboldened in flavor and texture with a coating of Dijon mustard and a crunchy panko-herb crust.

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Pan-Seared Beef Tenderloin

Kevin Meehan

"This is beef tenderloin. It is one of my favorite proteins to use, a crowd favorite, and it lends itself to so many different options to prepare it."

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Deconstructed White Russian

Brynn Smith

Impress guests with this beautiful, layered version of a White Russian.

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Earl Grey Tea Infused Old Fashioned

Brynn Smith

Elevate a classic cocktail with the warm, nuanced flavor of tea-infused bourbon.

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An Overview of Old Fashioned Variations

Brian Floyd

Update this classic whiskey cocktail with creative flavors guided by essential ratios to make a version for any palate.

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Ginger Lemongrass Crème Brûlée

Alex Diestra

The contrast of creamy flavor-infused custard and crunchy, carmelized sugar makes for a delicate and impressive dessert.

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Cardamom Olive Oil Citrus Cake

Coco Kislinger

This citrusy spiced cake has a spongy soft texture due to the use of rich and flavorful olive oil, and also happens to be dairy and gluten free

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Salted Caramel Snickerdoodle Cookies

Olivia O'Neal

The contrast of sweet cinnamon-sugar and salted caramel make these soft, chewy cookies irresistible.

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Almond Biscotti with Orange Zest

Richard Capizzi

This flavorful twice-baked cookie pairs perfectly with a hot cup of coffee, but tastes equally delicious on its own.

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