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Holy Cow: An Exploration of Beef

This course covers beef: basics and beyond. Learn to cook the perfect steak, slow cook beef shoulder, butcher beef hearts, and much more. 

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Tutorials in this course: 17 
Total viewing time: 2 hours 18 minutes
Total course time (including prep and cooking): 184 hours 40 minutes
*This unusually long course time is due to roasting, smoking, braising, and curing processes.

Beef is an essential protein to countless cuisines around the world. Beef can stand on its own or serve as a compliment to any number of side dishes. But beef can be so much more. The tutorials in this course cover the essential beef basics and delve into more advanced and unique preparations. 

If you've ever wondered how to smoke beef at home, this course will teach you how. Learn how to make beef bacon or how to dry age beef. Famous chefs and meat masters will teach you the advanced techniques behind crafting beautiful beef tartare, butchering hanger steak,  These techniques, recipes, and more await you in this beef extravaganza. 

Chef Instructors

Chef Robbie Arnold-Starr

Chef Robbie Arnold-Starr is the executive chef of Belcampo Meat Co. At Belcampo, Chef Robbie is all about what’s fresh and available and isn’t afraid to serve unconventional ingredients.

Chef Gabriel Rosen

Chef Gabriel Rosen owns and operates popular Portland izakaya, Biwa, and sister ramen and juice restaurant, Noraneko. Biwa’s great success inspired an influx of Japanese ramen shops in Portland. In 2015, Chef Gabriel opened his own ramen restaurant, Noraneko where he serves infinitely customizable ramen and house made kombucha and juices.

Chef Elias Cairo

Chef Elias Cairo owns and operates Olympia Provisions in Portland, Oregon. Olympia Provisions is Oregon's first USDA-certified meat-curing facility and is also a European style restaurant. Chef Elias specializes in charcuterie and butchering and has turned his passion for meat into a thriving business.

Chef Alex Heath

Alex Heath is the chef de cuisine at Ye Olde College Inn, a farm, garden, bakery, and restaurant in New Orleans. At Ye Olde College Inn, Heath maintains a focus on sustainability. A New Orleans native, Heath is dedicated to cooking sophisticated southern food with flair.

Chef Adam Steudle

Chef Adam Steudle is the chef at Barlo in Venice Beach. With his adventurous and flavor-focused perspective on cooking, Chef Adam adds a unique twist to classic American cuisine.

Chef Kevin Meehan

Kevin Meehan is the executive chef and brains behind Kali Dining, an underground, pop-up, gourmet dinner party hosted in Los Angeles. Kali Dining brings strangers together in an intimate setting to enjoy the fruits of Meehan’s labor. Venues vary, as does the menu, so diners can always expect a surprise. Kali Dining has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, and Eater LA, and has grabbed the attention of LA foodies. It has received rave reviews within the community, boasting five stars on Yelp and a perfect 100% Urbanspoon score.

Chef Joe Zucchero

Beef is king in Chicago, and Mr. Beef in River North is THE king of Italian beef sandwiches. With praise from Jay Leno and appearances on the Food Network and countless other shows, Mr. Beef has made a national name for themselves. They were even featured on the Travel Channel's show Food Wars, where they competed against Al's for the best Italian beef sandwich. Mr Beef won, proving that they are indeed a Chicago institution that can’t be beat.

Chef Dirk Flanigan

Chef Dirk Flanigan always seems to be ahead of the curve, from French cuisine to his trademark "refined rusticity" style. As a result of this dynamism, he has been called on to consult with and create menus for some of Chicago’s favorite restaurants including The Grid and Green Door. He was also Executive Chef at the nationally recognized Henri and The Gage in Chicago. In 2011, he was a James Beard semifinalist for Best Chef and was named Chicago Rising Star Chef by Star Chef Magazine.

Chef Brandon Boudet

Chef Brandon is serving up killer Italian cuisine at his West Hollywood restaurant, Dominick’s, which channels the romantic charm of its 1948 inception, and at his New-York inspired Los Feliz counterpart, Little Dom’s. Located at opposite sides of Los Angeles, Chef Brandon’s culinary influence spreads far across the city. And his following certainly reflects that.

Chef Harold Marmulstein

Harold Marmulstein is the executive chef and partner at American gastropub, Salty Sow. At Salty Sow Chef Harold serves up southern inspired cuisine at the restaurant's Austin, Phoenix, and Scottsdale locations. Chef Harold has worked as an executive chef for 30 years. He has been awarded "Who's Who of Chefs in America" and his restaurants have been voted "Best New Restaurants."

Chef Reid Guess

Reid Guess is the executive sous chef at Austin's "fancy barbecue" joint, Lambert's. At Lambert's, Chef Reid serves classic Texas barbecue dishes with a sophisticated twist. Lambert's has been called "An Austin Landmark" by the Austin Chronicle.

Chef Wilfredo Avelar

Chef Wilfredo Avelar is the sous chef at Emeril's Delmonicos in New Orleans where he brings bold tastes and revived tradition to the residents of New Orleans through expertly crafted Cajun and Creole meals.

Chef David Slater

Chef David Slater is the chef de cuisine at Emeril’s in New Orleans. Chef David’s bold, “new New Orleans” style of cooking has earned him a number of accolades, including being named one of the “Best Executive Chefs” by New Orleans CityBusiness in 2009, and earning Emeril’s a place on the list of USA Today’s Best Farm-to-Table Movement Restaurants.

What You Need


- Chef’s knife
- Large butcher knife
- Cutting board
- Spoon
- Spatula
- Tongs
- Paint brush
- Cast iron pan
- Sauté pan
- Large roasting pan
- Large pot with lid
- Resting rack
- Sheet tray
- Mixing bowls (various sizes)
- Metal colander
- Metal container
- Mason jar
- Meat thermometer
- Smoker
- Cryovac machine
- Cryovac bag
- Sous vide machine
- Smoking gun
- Food Processor
- Meat grinder or Kitchen Aid with meat grinding attachment
- Mesquite wood chips
- Paper towels
- Plastic wrap
- Aluminum foil
- Kitchen towels (2)


- Ingredients are listed within each respective tutorial


How to Use a Meat Thermometer

Brandon Boudet

Using a thermometer boosts confidence in the kitchen by taking the guessing game out of cooking meat.

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How to Prepare the Perfect Steak

Robbie Arnold-Starr

Mastering this kitchen staple is all about the details of the cooking process.

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How to Slice a Piece of Steak

Dirk Flanigan

While it can be intimidating,slicing steak is a truly fundamental skill.

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Pan-Seared Beef Tenderloin

Kevin Meehan

"This is beef tenderloin. It is one of my favorite proteins to use, a crowd favorite, and it lends itself to so many different options to prepare it."

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How to Clean Up a Beef Hanger Steak

Gabriel Rosen

Learning how to trim unwanted parts off a hanger steak will allow you to fully utilize this flavorful and versatile cut of beef.

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Working with a Stovetop Home Smoker

David Slater

Smoking is an easy way to impart rich flavors into proteins and vegetables and can be done without expensive equipment.

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How to Make Homemade Lamb and Beef Bacon

Robbie Arnold-Starr

These homemade lamb and beef bacons spend several hours in a wood smoker resulting in rich, smokey flavors.

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The Basics of Grinding Meat at Home

Elias Cairo

Grinding your own meat gives you flexibility with flavor and texture, and gives you total cotrol over what's going into your recipe.

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Boneless Braised Beef Short Ribs

Alex Heath

These melt-in-you-mouth short ribs can be enjoyed on their own, over a bed of mashed potatoes, or in a po'boy sandwich.

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How to Butcher a Beef Heart

Adam Steudle

Butchering a beef heart takes artistry and finesse, but it's worth the effort.

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Beef Heart Tartare

Adam Steudle

Carnivores will love this adventurous, but delicious, take on beef tartare.

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Smoking Steak Tartare

Dirk Flanigan

This innovative dish impresses guests while providing big flavor.

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Sous-Vide Brisket

Robbie Arnold-Starr

Sous-vide brisket is tender, juicy, and perfect for a holiday meal.

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How to Turn Brisket Into BBQ Chopped Beef

Reid Guess

This simple technique repurposes leftover brisket to create a fast and flavorful barbecue dish.

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How to Dry Age Beef

Wilfredo Avelar

This technique will show you the proper way to age, trim, and portion beef, all of which will contribute to an intensified meat flavor.

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Slow-Cooked Beef Shoulder

Harold Marmulstein

Slow-cooking beef shoulder results in tender meat, perfect for sandwiches or dinner parties.

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