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Simply Vegan

This course will help you explore the natural sophistication and big flavor potential of meat-free, dairy-free, plant-based dishes.

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Course Details

Tutorials in this course: 15
Total viewing time: 1 hour 46 minutes
Total course time (including prep and cooking): 66 hours 45 minutes

* This unusually long total course time is due to the time necessary for marinating, braising, and dehydrating, as required by some recipes.

Some foodies may see the inherent simplicity of vegan food as too veggie focused to be delicious, or too simple to be special. But an ingredient doesn't have to be changed dramatically to create an impressive dish, and meat doesn't always have to be the star of a food-focused occasion.

This course will show you transformative techniques and sophisticated meat-free, dairy-free dishes to help you explore and extract the nuanced flavors of plant-based ingredients. Turn fresh tomatoes into flavor-packed pickled raisins, turn cauliflower into a tangy rice dish, and transform mushrooms into a rich pasta impersonator. Whether you're a a committed omnivore or already a passionate vegan, the tutorials in this course are sure to satisfy.

Chef Instructors

Chef Kelly Boyer

Chef Kelly Boyer is the founder and executive chef of Paleta, the wildly popular farm-to-table meal delivery service committed to providing locally sourced and humanely raised ingredients. Thriving since its inception, Paleta now makes and distributes cold-pressed juices, cleanses, and snacks. Chef Kelly is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and received a Master’s degree from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

Chef Vartan Abgaryan

Chef Vartan Abgarayan is the executive chef at Cliff's Edge in Los Angeles. With a thoughtful approach to Mediterranean flavors and a masterful touch with seafood, Chef Vartan has wowed visitors of Cliff's Edge since 2012.

Chef Michael Gulotta

Chef Michael Gulotta runs and owns the highly praised restaurant, MoPho, in the heart of New Orleans. At MoPho, Gulotta serves up Southeast Asian eats with Louisiana flair. Committed to sourcing the best, local produce, and producing the finest quality meals, Gulotta focuses on sustainability and strengthening the local economy. MoPho was named 2014’s Restaurant of the Year by has has been featured on Eater New Orleans, Best of New Orleans, and

Chef David Slater

Chef David Slater is the chef de cuisine at Emeril’s in New Orleans. Chef David’s bold, “new New Orleans” style of cooking has earned him a number of accolades, including being named one of the “Best Executive Chefs” by New Orleans CityBusiness in 2009, and earning Emeril’s a place on the list of USA Today’s Best Farm-to-Table Movement Restaurants.

Chef Jared Levy

Jared Levy is the executive chef at Eveleigh in Los Angeles. He helped open Eveleigh in 2010 as executive sous chef and has been an integral part of developing the restaurant’s market-driven, local menu. Eveleigh has been called “understated and chic” by Eater LA and honored by Angeleno Magazine with a Restaurant Award for “Best Atmosphere.”

Chef Corina Weibel

Corina Weibel is the chef and co-owner of Canelé, a French-American bistro in Southern California. At Canelé, Corina crafts Mediterranean-inspired comfort cuisine, lauded by Bon Appetite Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Zagat, Eater, and many other online publications.

Chef Fabian Gallardo

Fabian Gallardo is currently the head Chef at Petty Cash Taqueria in Los Angeles. Food & Wine awarded Petty Cash the title of Best Tacos in the United States for 2015 and Eater included the restaurant in their list of 38 Essential Restaurants in Los Angeles.

Chef Coco Kislinger

Coco Kislinger is the tour de force behind Coco Bakes, a Los Angeles-based bakery specializing in vegan and gluten free goods. Coco Bakes has been lauded by Food & Wine, Elle, Zagat, Refinery 29, Goop, Huffington Post, Vice, and many others.

Chef Joe Anguiano

Joe Anguiano is the co-founder and executive chef of the critically acclaimed VOX Table in Austin, Texas. Joe specializes in crafting sophisticated small-plate fare that highlights local and seasonal ingredients.

Chef Ted Hopson

Ted Hopson is the executive chef and owner of the Bellwether in Los Angeles, where he showcases seasonal Californian ingredients in sophisticated, family-style sharable dishes. Ted has worked as the executive chef of Lukshon, and the famed LA gastropub, Father’s Office. He has also appeared on Bravo TV’s Top Chef Masters.

What You Need


- Chef’s knife
- Cutting board
- Stockpot
- Small sauce pot
- Medium sauté pan
- Cast iron skillet
- Sheet pan
- Mixing bowls
- Food processor
- Immersion blender
- Spatula
- Wooden spoon
- Spoon
- Tongs
- Tweezer tongs
- Oven-safe container
- Plastic wrap
- Aluminum foil
- Parchment paper
- Kitchen towel
- Paper towels
- Non-stick baking mat 
- Citrus juicer
- Cazuela


- Ingredients are listed within each respective tutorial


How to Choose Ripe Fruits and Vegetables

Kelly Boyer

Choosing the perfect produce isn't daunting or difficult when you know what to look for.

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How to Char-Grill Vegetables

Joe Anguiano

Charring vegetables enhances their natural character, adding a delicate crunch and a rich depth of flavor.

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How to Bake Vegetables in Salt

Vartan Abgaryan

Baking root vegetables in salt draws out moisture and imparts rich and deep flavor.

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An Overview of Tofu

Michael Gulotta

Tofu is easy to prepare, and makes for a healthy, delicious, and satisfying meat substitute.

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Coconut Almond Vegan Granola

Coco Kislinger

This vegan and gluten free granola is crunchy, mildly sweet, and all-natural.

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How to Dehydrate Tomatoes Without A Dehydrator

Joe Anguiano

This simple technique for dehydating tomatoes makes them tender, flavorful, and naturally sweet - all without the use of special equipment.

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Confit Tomatoes with Garlic and Oregano

Corina Weibel

These tomatoes have a bold, concentrated flavor and an ultra-tender texture.

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Roasted Pumpkin Grits

David Slater

Enhancing basic grits with roasted pumpkin purée adds a sweet and earthy boost of flavor.

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Coconut, Lime, Cilantro Cauliflower Rice

Kelly Boyer

This cauliflower rice is light and delicious, gluten-free, dairy-free, and Paleo-friendly.

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Mushroom Tacos with Sautéed Spinach and Pepitas

Fabian Gallardo

You won't miss the meat in these hearty vegetarian tacos brimming with savory flavors.

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Braised Chickpeas With Tomato-Date Ragu and Labneh

Ted Hopson

This sophisticated vegetarian dish has a hearty texture, and a complex flavor inspired by various Middle Eastern cuisines.

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