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Soups and Stocks Bootcamp

Learn basic stock preparations, and fundamental techniques for building and developing flavor to make delicious soups.

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Tutorials in this course: 16
Total viewing time: 1 hour 46 minutes
Total course time (including prep and cooking): 40 hours 45 minutes

Soup is the ultimate comfort food - when done the right way, it is filling, flavorful, and nourishing. Stocks, while not as luxurious or textured, are the foundation of flavor for many dishes. To make either, it is important to have a basic understanding of how flavors interact with each other, and which culinary techniques will help extract the most flavor from each individual ingredient.

This course will walk you through everything you need to know to make delicious, professional-quality soups and stocks from scratch. Learn how to clarify broth, how to re-purpose ingredient scraps, and even how to prepare the flavor base for Asian noodle dishes like ramen and pho. From basic stocks to hearty pureés, the following tutorials will provide a varied breadth of skills and recipes to help you craft a perfect bowl of something seasonal and delicious.

Chef Instructors

Chef Michael Gulotta

Chef Michael Gulotta runs and owns the highly praised restaurant, MoPho, in the heart of New Orleans. At MoPho, Gulotta serves up Southeast Asian eats with Louisiana flair. Committed to sourcing the best, local produce, and producing the finest quality meals, Gulotta focuses on sustainability and strengthening the local economy. MoPho was named 2014’s Restaurant of the Year by has has been featured on Eater New Orleans, Best of New Orleans, and

Chef Frank McClelland

Chef Frank McClelland is the head chef and proprietor of L’Espallier, as well as the author of a James Beard Award-winning cookbook. His culinary achievements have earned acclaim from publications such as Zagat, Forbes, Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, Wine Spectator, Condé Nast Traveler, and many others.

Chef Gianfranco Minuz

Chef Gianfranco Minuz is an Italian native and proud purveyor of Northern Italian cuisine. He earned his first Michelin star at his own restaurant Ca’Masierei in Trissino, Italy. Chef Gianfranco now works in Santa Monica but previously worked as the executive chef at Trattoria Tre Venezie in Pasadena, where he earned his second Michelin star.

Chef Ben Lee

Chef Ben Lee is the executive chef at A Voce Madison in New York City. Chef Ben’s diverse background in Italian cuisine allows him to approach his culinary endeavors with precision, and prepare dishes with incomparable flavors.

Chef Phillip Lopez

Phillip Lopez is executive Chef and co-owner of Root, Square Root, and Root² in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 2011, Lopez was named a “Chef to Watch” by Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine. In 2012, he earned the title “Chef of the Year” by Eater New Orleans, and became a Star Chef “Rising Star Chef.”

Chef Elana Horwich

Chef Elana Horwich is a food-sensitivity expert and ambassador for delicious, consciously prepared, home cooked meals. She currently publishes the successful food blog "Meal and a Spiel," and runs a private cooking school in Beverly Hills.

Chef Alex Diestra

Chef Alex was formally trained at the Western Culinary Institute in Portland and has worked in the kitchen at popular Asian Fusion restaurant, Saucebox for several years. He worked closely with chefs Gregory Gourdet and Jason Neroni before rising to Executive Chef in 2011.

Chef Neal Fraser

Neal Fraser is currently the executive chef and Co-Owner of Los Angeles power spot BLD, which LA Weekly called “the most useful restaurant of our time.” He is also the executive chef and partner of the purist gourmet venture Fritzi Dog.

Chef Bruce Kalman

Chef Bruce Kalman is the head chef at Union in Old Town Pasadena. Driven by a “hands on” philosophy towards cooking, Chef Bruce can be found hand-rolling pastas, making his own butter, packaging pickles, and butchering his own meat.

Chef Giuseppe Tentori

Chef Giuseppe Tentori is the executive chef and partner at GT Fish & Oyster in Chicago. A native of Italy, Chef Giuseppe has worked at some of Chicago's finest restaurants, establishing himself as one of the city's most well-respected chefs.

Chef Jason Travi

Chef Jason Travi's food is a fresh reflection of his Italian heritage, New England upbringing, French culinary training, and Southern California location, all with a strong dose of modern comfort.

Chef Roman Murphy

Roman Murphy is the executive chef at Austin eatery, Bess Bistro. His ability to create dishes that are sophisticated and uniquely his own has recently landed him recognition by Zagat on their Austin’s 30 under 30 list.

Chef Louis Hubbell

Louis Hubbell is a knowlegable and skilled purveyor of Italian food in Boston, Massachusetts. He is responsible for the menus of famed local eateries, Polcari’s Italian Restaurant and Regina Pizzeria.

Chef Mark O'Leary

Mark O'Leary is the executive chef of Shojo Asian Bar & Bistro in Boston, Massachusettes, where he explores the bounds of Asian fusion with creative and inspired small plates. Mark's tapas style menu draws inspiration from various Asian cuisines to highlight the best, most flavorful ingredients of each season.

Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley

Marjorie Meek-bradley is the executive chef at the casual upscale DC restaurant, Ripple, and acclaimed gastropub, Roofer's Union. In addition to many other industry accolades, Marjorie was also a semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation Rising Star and the Food & Wine Best New Chef awards in 2014.

What You Need


- Chef's knife
- Cutting board
- Stockpot with lid
- Large steamer pot
- Large saucepan
- Sauté pan
- Mixing bowls
- Blender
- Food processor 
- Chinois 
- Colander
- Fine mesh strainer 
- Mictoplane grater
- Wooden spoon
- Ladle
- Whisk
- Spatula 
- Small spoon
- Metal tongs
- Tweezer tongs
- Plastic wrap
- Water pitcher
- Whipped cream canister
- Nitrogen charger
- Tea kettle (optional)


- Ingredients are listed within each respective tutorial 


How to Make Chicken Stock

Ben Lee

Homemade chicken stock is a great staple to keep around the house.

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How to Make Vegetable Stock

Gianfranco Minuz

We use vegetable stock for making soup, sauce, and risotto.

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Watermelon and Green Tomato Gazpacho

Roman Murphy

This colorful cold soup stradles the line between sweet and savory, making a refreshing dish that's perfect for the summer.

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How to Make a Consommé

Frank McClelland

Learn how to make this classic French clarified soup - the "Rolls Royce of broths".

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Curried Carrot Soup with Greek Yogurt and Pine Nuts

Marjorie Meek-Bradley

The sweet, nuanced flavor of heirloom carrots is warmed up with curry powder to create a comforting, vegetarian-friendly soup.

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Classic Minestrone Soup

Louis Hubbell

This robust vegetable soup is built with layers of flavor and texture so each spoonful is delicious, diverse, and comforting.

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Butternut Squash Soup

Bruce Kalman

The sweet, nutty taste of butternut squash works wonderfully in all sorts of fall and winter recipes.

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Fried Chicken Noodle Soup

Phillip Lopez

This version of chicken soup uses fried chicken as the base, for a spicy southern twist on a classic.

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Parmesan Broth Shabu-Shabu

Ben Lee

An Italian take on a classic Japanese shabu-shabu that is "definitely a fun dish."

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Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls

Elana Horwich

This recipe makes it easy for anyone to prepare a delicious and authentic Matzo ball soup.

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New England Clam Chowder

Jason Travi

A comforting classic, layered with flavorful herbs and savory bacon.

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Famous GT Clam Chowder

Giuseppe Tentori

A simple and delicious clam chowder made from great ingredients.

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Chicken Tori Ramen Broth

Mark O'Leary

Learn the professional secrets to making perfectly balanced tori broth for a restaurant-quality ramen experience at home.

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How to Make Vietnamese Pho

Michael Gulotta

This traditional, one-pot, Vietnamese dish is savory, comforting, and bursting with luxurious layers of robust flavor.

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