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Things With Wings

From cooking to carving and everything between, this course will show you how to prepare chicken, turkey, duck, and quail with confidence and ease.

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Tutorials in this course: 18
Total viewing time: 2 hours 57 minutes
Total course time (including prep and cooking): 34 hours and 25 minutes

Birds have a vast presence across global cuisines, as they are both an easily accessible and highly versatile protein. Whether they're grilled, stuffed, roasted, or seared, a well-cooked bird can be the cornerstone of a satisfying meal

This course will teach you how to break down, flavor, and cook four of the most commonly consumed birds: chicken, turkey, duck, and quail. Different types of birds have different textures and flavor profiles, but their common anatomy lends itself to overlapping methods for preparation and cooking. The following collection of tutorials covers a breadth of knowledge to help you confidently master the art of cooking winged things.

Chef Instructors

Chef Brian Huston

Chef Brian Huston is the head chef at Boltwood in Evanston, Illinois. Chef Brian uses his experience cooking in San Francisco, Chicago, and Europe to create unique twists on classic meals.

Chef Bruce Kalman

Chef Bruce Kalman is the head chef at Union in Old Town Pasadena. Driven by a “hands on” philosophy towards cooking, Chef Bruce can be found hand-rolling pastas, making his own butter, packaging pickles, and butchering his own meat.

Chef Harold Marmulstein

Harold Marmulstein is the executive chef and partner at American gastropub, Salty Sow. At Salty Sow Chef Harold serves up southern inspired cuisine at the restaurant's Austin, Phoenix, and Scottsdale locations. Chef Harold has worked as an executive chef for 30 years. He has been awarded "Who's Who of Chefs in America" and his restaurants have been voted "Best New Restaurants."

Chef Bryon Freeze

Chef Bryon Freeze is the executive chef at Tar and Roses in Los Angeles. Chef Bryon burst into the culinary spotlight when he won "Chef Wanted," a chef competition show on the Food Network.

Chef Ralph Scamardella

Chef Ralph Scamardella is a chef and partner of the venerable Tao Group, which operates some of the highest grossing, most profitable restaurant venues in the country.

Chef Gregory Gourdet

Gregory Gourdet is the executive chef at Portland’s modern Asian rooftop restaurant and lounge, Departure. At Departure, he is known for his ingredient-driven Asian cuisine, as well as offering gluten-free, vegan, and paleo menus along with the nightly dinner menu. Chef Gregory proved to be a tough competitor as runner-up on season 12 of Top Chef. He was named 2012’s Hottest Chef in Portland by Eater and in 2013 he was named Chef of the Year by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Chef Ori Menashe

Chef Ori Menashe is the executive chef of Bestia, one of the top restaurants in Los Angeles. What sets Chef Ori apart is a detail oriented, "from scratch" approach that permeates everything on his menus, from housemade charcuterie to handmade pasta.

Chef Josh Laskay

Chef Josh Laskay is the chef de cuisine at Emeril Lagasse's NOLA Restaurant. Though a native New Orleanian, Chef Josh grew up traveling the world and gaining exposure to all sorts of ethnic cuisines. He is currently listed as one of the Best Chefs in America by Best Chefs America.

Chef Brandon Boudet

Chef Brandon Boudet is the co-owner and Executive Chef of Dominicks and Little Dom's, both located in Los Angeles. Born and raised in New Orleans, Chef Brandon comes from a large Italian family, a trait reflected in his passion for using quality ingredients and creating superior recipes.

Chef Gianfranco Minuz

Chef Gianfranco Minuz is an Italian native and proud purveyor of Northern Italian cuisine. He earned his first Michelin star at his own restaurant Ca’Masierei in Trissino, Italy. Chef Gianfranco now works in Santa Monica but previously worked as the executive chef at Trattoria Tre Venezie in Pasadena, where he earned his second Michelin star.

Chef Corina Weibel

Corina Weibel is the chef and co-owner of Canelé, a French-American bistro in Southern California. At Canelé, Corina crafts Mediterranean-inspired comfort cuisine, lauded by Bon Appetite Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Zagat, Eater, and many other online publications.

Chef Josh Drew

Josh Drew is a James Beard Award “Rising Star Chef” nominee, has worked at the world-famous French Laundry, and is the head chef at Peruvian cantina, Picca, in Los Angeles. His inventive cuisine has garnered rave reviews from local and national press and earned him a spot on Zagat’s list of “30 under 30” food service professionals.

Chef Alberto Cabré

Alberto Cabré is the chef and co-owner of Casa B in Boston, where he serves Latin-inspired tapas, and leads a regular series of cooking and cocktail-making classes. After leaving his architecture career behind, Alberto ran a personal chef business before opening his own restaurant, Casa B, which emerged as a labor of love crafted by the flavors, colors, textures, and memories of his roots.

What You Need


- Cutting board
- Chef's knife
- Boning knife
- Paring knife
- Saucepot
- Sauté pan
- Cast iron pan
- Deep-fryer or deep pot
- Blender or food processor
- Mixing bowls
- Large roasting pan with rack
- Aluminum foil-lined baking tray
- Paper towel-lined pan
- Whisk
- Tongs
- Metal spoon
- Spatula
- Grater
- Meat thermometer
- Vegetable or citrus peeler
- Chinois or other strainer
- Pastry brush
- Chopsticks or fork
- Plastic wrap
- Butcher’s twine 
- Grill


- Ingredients are listed within each respective tutorial.


How to Prepare and Roast a Turkey

Brandon Boudet

This tutorial will help you prepare a turkey worth feeding to friends and family on Thanksgiving Day.

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A Basic Overview of Texas Quail

Joe Anguiano

“These birds are amazing; for being so tiny, they have an impact of flavor”

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Seared Duck Breast

Bruce Kalman

"I'm going to show you how to cook a really tender, juicy piece of duck."

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An Overview of Poultry

Bryon Freeze

Learn how to select and cook all types of poultry, including chicken, turkey, duck, goose.

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An Overview of Cooking with Duck Fat

Harold Marmulstein

Duck fat has a high smoke point, is low in saturated fat, and can impart rich flavor to your favorite dishes.

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Simple Roast Chicken

Gianfranco Minuz

A perfectly roasted chicken is a wonderful way to gather the family around the table.

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How to Fabricate Poultry

Bryon Freeze

Make the most of your poultry purchase by learning how to break down the whole bird.

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How to Butcher a Duck

Bruce Kalman

With a little practice, this seemingly daunting task becomes very simple.

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Crispy Skin Chicken with a Sweet Soy Glaze

Gregory Gourdet

The contrasts between crispy skin and tender meat, bitter char and sweet soy sauce, make for a dynamic and sophisticated dish.

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Chicken Gizzard Salad with Aged Copra Cheese

Ori Menashe

"My favorite dish at Bestia. This dish actually made the restaurant this popular."

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How to Stuff Chicken Wings

Josh Laskay

The natural pocket shape of the chicken wing makes for a delicious, edible vessel for your favorite filling.

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Miss Hay's Famous Stuffed Chicken Wings

Josh Laskay

"Miss Hay made these as a snack for Chef Emeril, and he loved them so much he put them on the menu."

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Citrus & Achiote Marinated Quail

Joe Anguiano

Add a little heat to mildly-flavored quail by marinating it with achiote paste.

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