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As a member of Salted, you get 100% access to all of the exclusive courses and video tutorials in our library, in addition to other benefits. Membership benefits include:

1. The Best Teachers

Go inside the kitchens of masters chefs across the country as they teach you their signature techniques and recipes. Learn from the best of the best.

 2. From Boiling to Baking, You’re Covered

Get unlimited access to our diverse and constantly growing library of video tutorials. Every month, we will release new courses and tutorials and introduce you to incredible chefs. All skill-levels are welcome.

3. Beautiful Hi-Definition Video Tutorials

All of our tutorials are filmed in beautiful, HD video for an optimal viewing experience.

4. Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions

We break down every tutorial with complete step-by-step instructions so you can easily navigate to any part of the skill or recipe with a single click. We also provide each chef's complete recipes with measurements.

5. Build Your Own Video Cookbook

Save your favorite skill and recipe tutorials to your Cookbook so you can watch them later.

6. Foodie Perks

Connect with amazing chefs in your area and get exclusive VIP offers and discounts.

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