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"Bee" Creative: Cooking with Honey

Sweeten up your life with this course that highlights how to make and infuse honey and how to use the golden syrup in sweet and savory dishes. 

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Course Details

Tutorials in this course: 10
Total viewing time: 1 hour 12 minutes
Total course time (including prep and cooking): 20 hours

The only insect-produced foodstuff that is consumed by humans, honey has a lengthy and storied history. Cave paintings in Spain from as far back as 7000 BCE depict early beekeepers, and the honey bee was a crucial symbol in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The Greeks and Romans thought that honey was a gift from the gods, and Napoleon emblazoned his standard and robe with the industrious insect that produces it.  

Honey has more than 300 domestic varietals alone. The flavor of honey varies depending on the flower from which it originated, and honey can be infused with other flavors from herbs, spices, and fruits. The bees that produce the viscous delight are an integral part of our ecosystem that is responsible for pollenating flowers.  This course will elevate your respect for both this remarkable creature and versatile ingredient, which can be a crucial component in both sweet and savory dishes. 

Chef Instructors

Chef Tony Ferrari

Tony Ferrari is the co-founder of San Francisco’s Hillside Supper Club. Chef Tony maintains at Hillside a strong commitment to sustainability and locally sourced ingredients. Also crucial to the Hillside experience is the notion that food is a social occasion, something to be shared and savored with others.

Chef Tyler Kinnett

Tyler Kinnett is the executive chef of Harvest in Boston, where he showcases regional ingredients and produce-centric cuisine though fresh and sophisticated dishes. He has been featured in Boston Magazine and Zagat.

Chef Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall is the chef and owner of Apis Restaurant & Apiary, a bee-centric dining establishment located outside of Austin, Texas. Chef Taylor specializes in making elegant seasonal fare, inspired by a deep appreciation for the natural food cycle.

Chef Teri Lyn Fisher & Jenny Park

Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park are the creative talents behind Spoon Fork Bacon, a visual love letter to the food obsessed. Nominated for Saveur Best Food Blog in 2013, their collaboration highlights Teri’s photographic expertise and Jenny’s culinary precision.

Chef Nyesha Arrington

Nyesha Arrington is a young, classically trained chef whose accomplishments include numerous food competitions including “Chef Hunter,” “Top Chef,” and “Knife Fight.” She has twice been named to Zagat’s “30 under 30” list of rising chefs.

What You Need


- Mixing bowls
- Saucepans
- Sauté pans
- Large  pot
- Cast iron pans or large baking dish
- Perforated pan
- Sheet trays
- Chef’s knives
- Cutting board
- Rubber spatulas
- Spoons
- Whisks
- Microplane
- Chinois or fine mesh strainers
- Tongs
- Rolling pin
- Pastry brush
- Digital thermometer
- Digital kitchen scale
- Containers, airtight and sealable
- Plastic wrap
- Cheesecloth
- Plates and bowls for serving
- Stand mixer with whisk attachment
- Blender with tamper
- Grill
- Ice cream maker  

*For list of beekeeping equipment, please see Chef Taylor Halls' "Beekeeping 101" tutorial


Ingredients are listed within each respective tutorial    


Ricotta Toast with Lavender Honey and Lemon Zest

Tony Ferrari

The perfect balance of savory and sweet, this creamy-topped toast is a great way to start - or finish- your day.

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An Introduction to Infusing Honey

Tony Ferrari

Infused honey is so versatile: it can be used on ricotta toast or tarts or even drizzled over ice cream.

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Honey Mustard Basil Vinaigrette

Tyler Kinnett

This bright and creamy vinaigrette has a full body and bold character, making it the perfect complement to any number of salads.

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Honey Bun with Simple Syrup Honey Glaze

Taylor Hall

Indulge your senses with this chewy, gooey, cinnamon spiced honey bun.

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Horchata Honey Ice Cream

Taylor Hall

This ice cream is infused with the warm aromas of toasted rice, ground cinnamon, and fragrant honey.

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How to Make Honey Butter

Taylor Hall

This made-from-scratch compound butter is flavored with honey for a subtly sweet and deliciously versatile spread.

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Herb Cocktail Meatballs with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

Teri Lyn Fisher & Jenny Park

"Today we're going to show you how to make our herb-infused cocktail meatballs with a honey mustard dipping sauce. "

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Simple Syrup Honey Glaze

Taylor Hall

Fragrant and sweet, this simple glaze will enhance any pastry.

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Honey Mustard Marinated Black Cod

Nyesha Arrington

Sweet honey mustard creates the perfect flavor profile for fresh cod.

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Beekeeping 101

Taylor Hall

Learn about the basic tools and techniques for creating and sustaining your very own bee colony.

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