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Grilling Bootcamp

Learn some of the most essential techniques, as well as some incredible recipes, that may forever change your relationship with grilling.

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Tutorials in this course: 13
Total viewing time: 1 hour and 27 minutes
Total course time (including prep): 4 hours and 40 minutes

Grilling is one of the oldest cooking techniques known to mankind - dating all the way back to the cavemen days when a particularly shrewd ancestor discovered that meat tasted better when cooked with heat. To be clear, grilling and barbeque are two different forms of cooking, although often discussed interchangeably. Whereas grilling is a matter of cooking food over a direct heat source or open flame, barbeque is about slow cooking over indirect heat. 

With that said, Grilling Bootcamp is ideal for anyone who's interested in building their confidence around the grill. While we all have our own techniques and recipes, this course will show you how the masters do it. Regardless of the season, it's always a great time for grilling. 

Chef Instructors

Chef Roy Choi

Chef Roy Choi is the executive chef and co-owner of Kogi Truck, A-Frame, Sunny Spot, and Pot, all in Los Angeles. Chef Roy is regarded as the godfather of the food truck movement. His masterful fusion of Mexican-Korean flavors has reshaped Los Angelenos’ expectations for Korean BBQ.

Chef Ralph Scamardella

Chef Ralph Scamardella is a chef and partner of the venerable Tao Group, which operates some of the highest grossing, most profitable restaurant venues in the country.

Chef Makani Gerardi

Chef Makani Gerardi didn’t intend to build a gourmet burger empire, but with two successful outposts - Ultimate Burger in Kona, Hawaii and Pono Burger in Santa Monica, California - she’s on her way. Chef Makani honors the relaxed, casual vibe of a burger but elevates it with her technical training and reliance on locally sourced, environmentally conscious ingredients.

Chef Christian Page

Chef Christian Page is the executive chef at Short Order in Los Angeles. His innovative and ingredient-driven approach towards cooking provides diners with carefully crafted and uniquely delicious meals.

Chef Geraldine Gilliland

Chef Geraldine Gilliland is the executive chef and co-owner of Lula's Cocina Mexicana and Finn McCool’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica, California. She has a James Beard nomination for her cookbook, and has been named “one of the top 6 chefs in the United States” by Bon Appetit Magazine.

Chef Jeff Mahin

Chef Jeff Mahin is the executive chef and co-owner at Stella Barra Pizzeria and M Street Kitchen in Los Angeles, as well as Do-Right Donuts in Chicago. Some of his industry accolades include being named to Zagat's “30 under 30,” making Forbes' “30 under 30” list of hospitality industry up-and-comers in 2012, and being one of Restaurant Hospitality’s 13 Chefs to Watch in 2013.

Chef Jake Dell

Chef Jake Dell represents the third generation of his family to run the world-famous Katz Delicatessen in New York City. Chef Jake took over the restaurant in 2009, where he continues to provide hungry New Yorkers with quintessential deli classics.

Chef Paul Virant

Chef Paul Virant is the owner and proprietor of Vie Restaurant in Chicago. Chef Paul’s approach to locally-sourced contemporary American cooking has earned him numerous accolades, including the title of being one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs of 2007.

Chef Bryon Freeze

Chef Bryon Freeze is the executive chef at Tar and Roses in Los Angeles. Chef Bryon burst into the culinary spotlight when he won "Chef Wanted," a chef competition show on the Food Network.

What You Need


- Grill
- Deep-fryer or deep-sided pan
- Sauté pan
- Cast iron skillet
- Mixing bowl
- Medium-sized tray 
- Kitchen shears
- Chef’s knife
- Tongs
- Large spoon
- Cutting board
- Boning knife
- Mandolin slicer
- Spider strainer
- Spatula
- Bread knife
- Microplane grater
- Kitchen towel
- Parchment paper
- Cooling rack
- Plates and platters for serving
- Chopsticks (optional)
- Thermometer (optional)


- Ingredients are listed within each respective tutorial


How to Grill

Roy Choi

"The borderline between being burned and not burned is where barbeque, or grilling, is perfect."

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How to Grill

Roy Choi

Grilled Escarole Salad

Paul Virant

This works both great as a salad or as a delicious side dish.

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Grilled Grapes and Fresh Burrata

Jeff Mahin

"One of the key things in food is simplicity. This dish right here is as simple as cheese, grapes, and bread."

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Russet Potato Chips

Makani Gerardi

These crispy homemade potato chips are fresh, crispy, and easy to prepare.

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How to Create the Perfect Burger Patty

Christian Page

"If you want to make a great burger patty, you really gotta grind your own meat."

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Guava Crunch Burger

Makani Gerardi

"It's all about the crunch, the coolness from the coleslaw, the meatiness, the smokiness... This to me is a little piece of heaven."

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How to Fabricate Poultry

Bryon Freeze

Make the most of your poultry purchase by learning how to break down the whole bird.

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Pink Coleslaw

Makani Gerardi

"A nice creamy coleslaw that I love for barbecues. It's also really great for pairing with anything spicy."

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Techniques for Grilling with a Wood Fire

Makani Gerardi

I hope you cook for your family using a wood-burning grill 'cause the flavor is amazing, it's through the roof.

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The Secrets to a Perfect NYC Hot Dog

Jake Dell

"There's really only one proper way to way to do a hot dog, and that's done at Katz's Deli."

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