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Kitchen Toys

Master the use of some of the most exciting kitchen tools with professional precision.

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Tutorials in this course: 15
Total viewing time: 2 hours
Total course time (including prep and cooking): 
3 days 5 hours 35 mins

Once you've earned your culinary chops, you can start to take more risks in the kitchen...and this means getting acquainted with some of the most exciting tools that cooking has to offer. It's important to approach these "kitchen toys" with safety, because if they are not used properly and carefully, they can be very dangerous. That said, these tools will truly take your culinary repertoire to the next stage, and elevate your skill and technique to that of a professional chef.  

Ever wonder how to get that perfect glass-like finish on your crème brûlée? Curious about the science behind cotton candy making? This course will demystify some of our favorite culinary delights, teaching you how to properly sous-vide, how to use a kitchen torch, how to carbonate, the basics of pressure cooking, and so much more, along the way!

Chef Instructors

Chef Corina Weibel

Corina Weibel is the chef and co-owner of Canelé, a French-American bistro in Southern California. At Canelé, Corina crafts Mediterranean-inspired comfort cuisine, driven by her philosophy that the integrity of food should come before flare; her recipes are classic, their ingredients are simple, the presentation is humble, and the quality is paramount.

Chef Michael Sichel

Michael Sichel is Executive Chef of Galatoire’s Restaurant, one of the largest, most well-known, and frequented fine dining restaurants in New Orleans, as well as their bar and steakhouse affiliate, Galatoire’s 33 Bar & Steak.

Chef Julian Cox

Julian Cox is an award-winning mixologist and the creative mastermind behind many of Los Angeles’ best cocktail programs, including Picca, Sotto, Short Order, Bestia, Petty Cash, and Santa Monica’s Brilliantshine.

Chef Eric Greenspan

Eric Greenspan is known for his bold and imaginative approach to food, striving to make the innovative concepts of fine dining accessible to everyone.

Chef Alex Diestra

Chef Alex Diestra got his start at the age of 19, working his way up through kitchens helmed by great chefs. He has worked under Indonesian Chef Richard Van Rossum and James Porter of Petite Maison in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Chef Phillip Lopez

Phillip Lopez is Executive Chef and Co-Owner of Root, Square Root, and Root² in New Orleans, Louisiana. Though native to New Orleans, Lopez, an army brat, spent most of his childhood living in Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Holland, and Puerto Rico, experiences through which he developed his eclectic palate and creative mind.

Chef Luke Reyes

Luke Reyes is is currently the chef and co-owner of a soon-to-be-opened Japanese-American fusion restaurant, Oh Man! Ramen. He is also the former executive chef at Butchers & Barbers in Hollywood, and in 2013, was a victorious contestant on Food Network’s “Chopped”.

Chef Kevin Meehan

Kevin Meehan is the executive chef and brains behind Kali Dining, an underground, pop-up, gourmet dinner party hosted in Los Angeles.

Chef Robbie Arnold-Starr

Robbie Arnold-Starr is executive chef of Belcampo Meat Co., a butcher shop and restaurant located in downtown Los Angeles’ trendy Grand Central Market.

Chef Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall is the chef and owner of Apis Restaurant & Apiary, located outside of Austin, Texas. Taylor specializes in making elegant seasonal fare, inspired by a deep appreciation for the natural food cycle.

What You Need


- Mortar 
- Pestle
- Spatula
- Mixing bowl
- Disposable pastry bag 
- Pastry bag tip
- Chef’s knife
- Cutting board
- CO2 tank
- Regulator
- Pressure gauge
- “Male” carbonator cap 
- “Female” keg coupler
- Soda bottle
- Rubber tube
- Deep plastic buckets
- Kitchen scale
- Medium containers
- Spoon
- Hand immersion blender
- Jigger
- Plastic bottle with nozzle cap for carbonating
- Glass bottle
- Capper
- Cap
- Old fashioned glass
- Pressure cooker
- Butane fuel
- Large saucepot
- Whisk
- Mesh strainer
- Deep baking dish or hotel pan
- Crème brûlée ramekins
- Water pitcher
- Kitchen torch
- Cotton candy machine
- Paper cotton candy cones
- Food processor
- Medium saucepots 
- Candy thermometer
- Small rubber spatula
- Large rubber spatula
- Wooden spoon
- Large sheet pan
- Silpat
- Small mixing bowl
- Smoking gun 
- Plastic wrap 
- Bowl 
- Lighter 
- Oven-safe sauté pan 
- Wood chips 
- Spoon 
- Fork 
- Paper towel-lined plate
- Large water vessel
- Sous-vide machine
- Cryovac bag or zip-seal bag
- Cryovac machine
- Tongs
- Paint brush
- Serving plate
- Ice cream machine
- Saucepan 
- Sheet tray 
- Chinois 
- Deep container
- Digital thermometer
- Digital kitchen scale
- Airtight container

*Ingredients are listed within each respective tutorial


An Introduction to a Mortar and Pestle

Corina Weibel

Add a personal touch to sauces, pastes, and ground spices by preparing them with these ancient tools.

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North African Chermoula Sauce

Corina Weibel

This fresh and tangy North African marinade adds bright flavor and color to chicken, meat, and fish.

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How to Carbonate a Liquid

Julian Cox

With a few easy to find tools, you can turn any flat beverage into a fizzy liquid masterpiece.

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Granita Applebum

Julian Cox

This fizzy drink is a mix between a dessert and a cocktail, made with a presentation that is sure to impress.

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The Basics of Pressure Cooking

Eric Greenspan

Pressure cooking uses the power of steam to accelerate the cooking process without compromising the flavor, texture, or quality of a dish.

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How to Use a Kitchen Torch

Alex Diestra

Learn how to play with fire in the kitchen, safely and strategically.

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Ginger Lemongrass Crème Brûlée

Alex Diestra

The contrast of creamy flavor-infused custard and crunchy, carmelized sugar makes for a delicate and impressive dessert.

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Fried Chicken Cotton Candy

Phillip Lopez

Fried chicken oil is used as the flavor base for this quirky and creative take on a classic confection.

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How to Use a Smoking Gun

Luke Reyes

Learn to infuse smoky flavor into food without the use of bulky, expensive equipment.

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Smoked Fingerling Potatoes

Kevin Meehan

Fresh herbs balance an intense smokey flavor in this simple but unique potato dish.

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Sous-Vide Brisket

Robbie Arnold-Starr

Sous-vide brisket is tender, juicy, and perfect for a holiday meal.

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How to Sous-Vide

Robbie Arnold-Starr

"A lot of the intimidation is just in the name "sous-vide," but we are in total control of these tools when we use them in the kitchen."

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How to Use a Home Ice Cream Maker

Taylor Hall

Professional-quality ice cream can easily be prepared at home with the help of this basic kitchen tool.

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Horchata Honey Ice Cream

Taylor Hall

This ice cream is infused with the warm aromas of toasted rice, ground cinnamon, and fragrant honey.

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