A Basic Overview of Texas Quail

Joe Anguiano


“These birds are amazing; for being so tiny, they have an impact of flavor”

A Basic Overview of Texas Quail 02:10

Joe Anguiano

“These birds are amazing; for being so tiny, they have an impact of flavor”

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The Steps

  1. 1. Quail can be purchased either with the bones or semi-boneless. Semi-boneless quail have the drumettes and wings still intact. Chef Joe recommends using semi-boneless for stuffed preparations. 00:18

  2. 2. Quail can be cooked in many of the same ways as chicken. Chef Joe’s favorite method is grilling, but recommends pan-roasting as well. 00:45

  3. 3. Cooked quail can be served as a whole bird or cut into portions. One bird equates to one full serving. 01:01

  4. 4. To quarter a quail, use a chef’s knife to cut down the center of the breast. Slice above the thigh, under the breast. Repeat on the other side. 01:10

  5. 5. Chef Joe recommends cooking quails whole rather than cut up, as it is easy to overcook smaller pieces. Quail is best when served medium rare to medium. 01:37

What You'll Need

- Cutting board
- Chef’s knife  


- Quail

Chef Notes

Quail is a small game bird. Originally native to the Middle East, quail are now found across Europe and North America (particularly in the South). It has a fairly high proportion of lean, meaty flesh to bone.  

Quail are mostly raised free-range, which puts their delicate flavor between that of domesticated birds and wild game birds.  

When purchasing quail, look for birds that are plump and unblemished. Avoid any that seem dry, or have strong smell. 


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