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Spud Love: Working With Potatoes

The tutorials in this course will teach you how to transform this humble ingredient from bland and basic to lively and memorable.

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Tutorials in this course: 15
Total viewing time: 1 hour 57 minutes
Total course time (including prep and cooking): 8 hours 55 minutes

Mashed, fried, baked, or smoked, potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. Regardless of how they’re prepared, potato dishes carry the nostalgia of a homey holiday feast or playful summer barbecue.

With a soft flavor and texture that lends itself to a wide variety of applications, this humble ingredient deserves to be more than an overlooked starchy side.  This course will expose you to many different ways to prepare potatoes, from simple and rustic to bold and steeped in history.

Chef Instructors

Chef Michael Sichel

Michael Sichel is the executive chef of Galatoire’s Restaurant, one of the largest, most well-known, and frequented fine dining restaurants in New Orleans, as well as their bar and steakhouse affiliate, Galatoire’s 33 Bar & Steak.

Chef Bryon Freeze

Chef Bryon Freeze is the executive chef at Tar and Roses in Los Angeles. Chef Bryon burst into the culinary spotlight when he won "Chef Wanted," a chef competition show on the Food Network.

Chef Makani Gerardi

Chef Makani Gerardi didn’t intend to build a gourmet burger empire, but with two successful outposts - Ultimate Burger in Kona, Hawaii and Pono Burger in Santa Monica, California - she’s on her way. Chef Makani honors the relaxed, casual vibe of a burger but elevates it with her technical training and reliance on locally sourced, environmentally conscious ingredients.

Chef Christian Page

Chef Christian Page is the executive chef at Short Order in Los Angeles. His innovative and ingredient-driven approach towards cooking provides diners with carefully crafted and uniquely delicious meals.

Chef Tynan Gibson

Chef Tynan Gibson is the evening chef at Portland’s Tasty n Sons, a neighborhood restaurant specializing in an inventive selection of family-style, American cuisine. He draws inspiration from American neighborhood favorites from East coast to West.

Chef Ricardo Zarate

Chef Ricardo Zarate, Executive Chef and Partner at Picca in Los Angeles. Known for his immaculate technique and creativity, Ricardo is regarded as one of the most celebrated ambassadors of Peruvian cuisine in the country.

Chef Gianfranco Minuz

Chef Gianfranco Minuz is an Italian native and proud purveyor of Northern Italian cuisine. He earned his first Michelin star at his own restaurant Ca’Masierei in Trissino, Italy. Chef Gianfranco now works in Santa Monica but previously worked as the executive chef at Trattoria Tre Venezie in Pasadena, where he earned his second Michelin star.

Chef Tommy Habetz

Chef Tommy Habetz began his career at Bobby Flay’s famous Mesa Grill restaurant. He also trained under Mario Batali at Po. After working in many Portland restaurants and serving as the head chef at Ripe Family Supper and Gotham Building Tavern, Chef Tommy opened Bunk sandwiches in 2008 with business partner Nick Wood. At Bunk, Chef Tommy uses his love of sandwiches to craft unique and creative fare.

Chef Elana Horwich

Chef Elana Horwich is a food-sensitivity expert and ambassador for delicious, consciously prepared, home cooked meals. She currently publishes the successful food blog "Meal and a Spiel," and runs a private cooking school in Beverly Hills.

Chef Corina Weibel

Corina Weibel is the chef and co-owner of Canelé, a French-American bistro in Southern California. At Canelé, Corina crafts Mediterranean-inspired comfort cuisine, lauded by Bon Appetite Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Zagat, Eater, and many other online publications.

Chef Jason Fullilove

Chef Jason Fullilove is currently the chef and owner of Ethereal Plate, and formerly the executive chef of Malibu Pier Restaurant & Bar in Malibu, California. Chef Jason specializes in fresh and innovative New American cuisine, placing an emphasis on sustainability through locally-sourced ingredients.

Chef Kevin Meehan

Kevin Meehan is the executive chef and brains behind Kali Dining, an underground, pop-up, gourmet dinner party hosted in Los Angeles. Venues vary, as does the menu, so diners can always expect a surprise. Kali Dining has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, and Eater LA, and has grabbed the attention of LA foodies.

Chef Carmen Quagliata

Chef Carmen Quagliata is the executive chef and co-owner of New York City's Union Square Cafe. His restaurant was voted the most popular restaurant in the city by Zagat for the last three years.

Chef Edgar Torres

Edgar Torres is the executive chef at Mi Madre's restaurant in Austin, as well as the executive chef and co-founder of its sister restaurant, Zanduga Mexican Bistro. Food Network listed Zanduga as a “must-eat” restaurant in Austin. His restaurants have also been featured on Eater and the Cooking Channel.

Chef Alberto Cabré

Alberto Cabré is the chef and co-owner of Casa B in Boston, where he serves Latin-inspired tapas, and leads a regular series of cooking and cocktail-making classes. After leaving his architecture career behind, Alberto ran a personal chef business before opening his own restaurant, Casa B, which emerged as a labor of love crafted by the flavors, colors, textures, and memories of his roots.

What You Need


- Cutting board
- Small knife
- Chef's knife
- Large sauté pan
- Cast iron skillet 
- Deep pot for frying
- Mixing bowls
- Baking sheet
- Paper towel-lined sheet tray
- Cooling rack
- Mortar and pestle
- Colander or strainer 
- Mandolin slicer 
- Wire skimmer
- Tongs
- Spatula 
- Spoon
- Grater
- Citrus zester 
- Ring mold
- Smoking gun 
- Wood chips 
- Egg slicer (optional)
- Vegetable peeler
- Thermometer


- Ingredients are listed within each respective tutorial


How to Peel

Bryon Freeze

"I'm gonna show you a couple of tricks to prevent any incidences of injury and to properly peel."

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Russet Potato Chips

Makani Gerardi

These crispy homemade potato chips are fresh, crispy, and easy to prepare.

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The Perfect French Fries

Tynan Gibson

These french fries are fried twice, making them crispy on the outside but soft and creamy on the inside.

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Potato Salad with Bacon and Eggs

Tommy Habetz

This potato salad incorporates bacon and eggs for a delicious savory twist on a summer picnic classic.

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Breakfast Potatoes with Caramelized Onions

Jason Fullilove

These breakfast potatoes incorporate caramelized onions for the perfect breakfast balance of sweet and savory.

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Spanish Patatas Alioli Potatoes

Alberto Cabré

Coat potatoes in a creamy garlic sauce to make a quick, easy, and traditional Spanish tapas dish.

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Smoked Fingerling Potatoes

Kevin Meehan

Fresh herbs balance an intense smokey flavor in this simple but unique potato dish.

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Pommes Anna French Gratin Potato Cake

Corina Weibel

Tender potato slices are layered with sweet butter to make a traditional, rustic French dish.

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