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Crème Fraîche Caramels 06:50

Genevieve Gergis

These caramels are equal parts creamy and chewy, and make a delicious gift for family and friends.

Crème Fraîche Caramels 06:50

Genevieve Gergis

These caramels are equal parts creamy and chewy, and make a delicious gift for family and friends.

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The Steps

  1. 1. Add the water and corn syrup to a medium saucepan. Pour the granulated sugar into the center of saucepan, careful not to touch the sides, as this can cause the sugar to crystallize. Place the saucepan onto a burner and turn the heat to medium. The mixture will begin to boil and brown. Place a candy thermometer into the mixture and cook until the mixture has reached 350 degrees, or about five minutes and when the sugar is a dark amber in color. While cooking, use a wet pastry brush to keep liquid from bubbling up the sides of the saucepan. Add a pinch of salt. 00:15

  2. 2. Remove the mixture from the heat. Slowly add the butter in pieces. Whisk between additions to incorporate. Add the cream and crème fraîche and whisk until smooth. 01:56

  3. 3. Place the thermometer back into the mixture and cook over high heat until it has reached 240 degrees. At this point, do not stir the mixture as this will create crystals. Swirl the pan to prevent hot spots from forming within the mixture. 02:54

  4. 4. Remove the saucepan from the heat. Remove the candy thermometer and allow the caramel to cool. Once cool, pour the caramel onto a buttered sheet tray. Allow the caramel to set for about two hours. 03:34

  5. 5. With a buttered knife, cut the caramels to the desired size. Using scissors or kitchen shears, cut squares of wax paper large enough to wrap the cut caramels. With an offset spatula, scoop the caramels and place them onto their own wax paper squares. Roll the caramel in the wax paper and twist each end closed. Place them on a plate, in a jar, or in a bag and serve. 05:05

What You'll Need


- Medium saucepan
- Candy thermometer
- Pastry brush
- Whisk
- Spatula
- Buttered sheet tray
- Buttered knife
- Scissors or kitchen shears
- Wax paper


- Water (1 tablespoon)
- Light corn syrup (1/4 cup)
- Granulated sugar (1 cup)
- Kosher salt (1 pinch)
- Butter (1/2 cup)
- Cream (1/4 cup)
- Crème fraîche (1/4 cup)

Chef Notes

Be careful when adding the granulated sugar to the saucepan. Sugar must be added to the center of the saucepan. If sugar crystals collect on the sides of the pan, the mixture will crystallize when heated. If sugar crystals have landed on the sides of the saucepan or get too close to the sides, use a wet pastry brush to remove the granules.

Although sugar can be used in place of corn syrup, it will create a harder, less chewy caramel.

In this tutorial, Chef Genevieve uses kosher salt. Kosher salt has a larger grain size than normal table salt, and has flat granules, rather than cubic. In addition, Kosher salt does not normally contain the iodine additive.

Crème fraîche originates from France and is similar to that of U.S. sour cream but is higher in fat and yields a less tangy flavor. To learn how to make crème fraîche, visit Chef Bruce Kalman’s “Crème Fraîche” tutorial located at the bottom of the page.


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Chef Genevieve Gergis

Los Angeles

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